Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5: When It's Actually a Challenge

This afternoon I did a quick bit of math and calculated that every Wednesday I usually spend between 80 and 120 minutes in the van. I have piano lesson and youth group commutes to thank for this interesting use of time. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm so very grateful that my children have these activities to enrich their lives.

However. Two hours just seems a tad excessive.

Because Wednesdays are so packed, I rarely take time to sit in quiet. Yes, I sit in the van. But it's certainly not quiet and focused. (Unless you count me trying desperately to focus on the vehicle in front of me while tuning out the piercing shrieks with which Miss Kate somehow feels compelled to communicate.)

So sitting? Yes. Peace and quiet? Ha.

I realized that I'd have to be particularly intentional today in finding my focused sitting time. It wasn't automatic. I had to stop myself in my tracks and say, "No. Don't clean. Don't organize. Sit with your child."

Bath time with Miss Kate turned out to be one such moment. Rather than toss her in with the vague promise that I'd check back at some point, I chose to kneel on the floor, pulling myself completely into her presence.

As I scrubbed the little knees and lathered the shampoo, we decided to play "Talk through the day." It was simple but meaningful to recall the highlights of our day, especially from her perspective. We made our way as chronologically as possible, from the moment she first woke up to the present.

I looked into her eyes, I listened to her words. I waited patiently as her mind took off on a dozen rabbit trails. And a dozen more. Because I'm realizing that that's the sitting that really matters. And I'm eager to do it again tomorrow.
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