Friday, October 21, 2011

{Day 21} :: An Accomplished Girl

We recently read the chapter called, "An Accomplished Girl." She was all ears: An accomplished girl knows how to keep house. She can make beds, sweep, mop and dust. She can launder her own clothes and mend them when necessary. She is able to cook tasty, nourishing meals. (Yes, Cinderella comes to mind.)

My girl seemed a bit daunted at first. But she really perked up on the cooking part. "I can make cookies!" She reflected for a minute. "I bet I could make a whole dinner by myself, too."

I thought this over and realized that she probably could. I'd just never given her a chance. Yes, she's helped me. She's the best olive slicer in town. But she's never taken on the main course without my hands taking over.

Tonight I took my hands away, stepped aside and only gave verbal assistance when needed. My girl rose to the occasion and whipped up some pretty tasty tacos.

We sat around the table as she served each of us. I marveled at the young lady who had tackled a cast iron skillet with ease and kept multiple tasks going at once.

We all agree that she's well on her way to becoming quite an accomplished young lady.

Have you stepped back recently? Are you surprised by your child's ability? Give it a try!

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  1. Never a doubt, Bethie! You are extremely capable! I love you :o)



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