Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Day 26} :: Reading on the Road

You may recall that Wednesday is my crazy day. The day that is spent, to a large degree, on the road.

You may also recall that I thoroughly enjoy a good read.

I've happily discovered that the two can coexist. I'm easily able to finish off a chapter or two on the way home from dropping Drew off at youth group. And yes, I do keep my eyes on the road. Because on Wednesday afternoons, I listen to my books.

Today it was Tom Sawyer. Drew read it last month, and in an attempt to keep up with my son, I'm plugging along at the impressive rate of one or two chapters per week. I hope to finish before he graduates. (It really is a charming story. I knew the basic plot -- was even in the play -- but this is my first time hearing Mark Twain's delightful prose.)

Listening to books is an interesting exercise. I'm a visual person, so I really have to concentrate when I'm just hearing the words. My mind too easily wanders, and I have to snap it right back to where it should be. I tell myself it's a good workout for my brain.

This afternoon I was reminded of one of my college book-listening experiences. I was required to read through the Pentateuch two or three times for one of my Multnomah classes. The second time through, I decided to listen to it on tape (yes, on tape) while I worked on some sort of cross stitch or something. My handwork seemed rather appropriate, especially when I came to the embroidery passages in Exodus. I can still hear the narrator's voice as he described the Tabernacle . . . "The screen of the gate of the court was the work of the weaver . . ." He really held out that "eeee" sound in weaver. Boy, did I weave my little threads with purpose.

I also thought over the comfort I found in listening to Emma on CD when I was down with a cold last winter. A calm British accent is a lovely thing to fall asleep to. (It is not, however, the most motivating text when trying to jog on a trampoline. Trust me.)

So while it takes a bit of mental focus, I look forward to these afternoon drives. I know that Tom's antics will come alive as I wind my way home on the quiet country roads. Before I know it, I'm back home, ready to take on the antics of my own little urchins.

How about you? Are you a book listener, or do you have to see it to believe it? What's the last book you listened to?

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