Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8: Sisters

Today is the anniversary of the day a precious little pink bundle entered the Stevens home. I was two, and very fascinated by this new creature. She was living and breathing. And her eyes! They were so bright and merry! I poked them to see what would happen. She did not care for it. Nor did my mother. I stopped poking them.

But I never stopped being fascinated by my little sister.

Although we will celebrate her birthday later this month, I did get a chance to sit with my Krista dear and her family this morning at a soccer game. Her Ethan was tearing up the field (is that how you say it?), so we pulled our chairs together and enjoyed the surprisingly warm day.

We smiled over the demure conversation of her two-year-old, Clara, whom we affectionately call, "The Pie." The other children ran amok, relishing the cousin time that seems to come too rarely during this busy time of year.

All too soon it was time to pack up and move on. I had a girl to get to the gym, and she had another boy to get to another game. I watched her walk across the field with her toddling Pie, her loving husband and her wild boys. My heart was full.

Her eyes are still bright and merry. And I know that it's because they reflect a heart that is beautiful, generous, kind and thoughtful. Qualities that make the word, "sister" one of the most precious words of all.

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