Thursday, October 20, 2011

{Day 20} :: The Morning Hour

It is the early morning hours that offer the most peaceful sitting.

Peace again! The exquisite hour before dawn, here at my old desk --

seldom have I realized so keenly, appreciated so fully, these still, dark hours.
{Edward Weston}

These are the hours I need. The quiet hush that embraces the slumbering house causes me to be a better listener. Yes, I listen for the patter of little feet which will eventually descend.

But before that, before that -- I listen to the quiet. I hear the stillness.

I open His Word. I am still. I sit. I listen.

I listen so that when the little feet do descend, I am able to hear more than the clatter and chaos. I hear my children. My children. And I welcome them.

Read about the thirty-one day challenge over here.
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